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Graduation: We made it!

At the start of 2016 I had a bittersweet feeling about…well about everything really. I was going to graduate from uni, so there was the ‘what’s next’ question. My relationship was going from ‘he lives 25 minutes away’ to ‘he lives on another continent’. 

Final exams and dissertation were around the corner, so my brain was on multitask 24/7 as I was trying to manage my YouTube channel and reach all my deadlines on time….after a while I put YouTube and blogging on hold and focused solely on my books. 

Come July, it all paid off! All my hard work and even the stressing. I was done with uni, not just done but done with flying colours 😜. My family and friends were there to celebrate with me…I was fulfilled! 

The question of what next had been answered and the answer was awesome…I’ll keep you guys updated on that. I thank God for everything he’s done, without him I wouldn’t be where I am today ❀️.

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