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Zurich to Geneva

A glimpse of my time in Switzerland. 

A couple of friends and I decided to turn our long weekend to a relaxing get away…so off to Switzerland we went, our first stop was Zurich and then Geneva…boyy was it cold ❄️Geneva with Danica, Madi, Vanessa and Michelle.

Day 1: Hello Zürich! 

With little to no sleep I found my way to the airport to catch my early morning flight 😓. I slept all through the flight but seeing as Zurich is only about an hour from Paris…well I guess it’s better than nothing 🙃. 

…finally we got to our hotel, dropped off our luggage and ventured into the beautiful city. 

Day 2: Botanical gardens. 

After a lovely nights rest we headed for the ‘botanical garden’. We stopped for a warm, lovely surprisingly spicy lunch (I loveee extremely spice food 💁🏽)…at the ‘Spaghetti factory’ – the food was beyond delicious. We ended our day on a lovely cruise along the lake Zurich …where I froze 😭 

Spaghetti Factory Zurich 

Botanical Garden Zurich 

Day 3 Off to the mountains…Hello Geneva!

If anyone would have told me that I would go mountain climbing or hiking (long ass distances) I would have believed the person was definitely crazy…but here I was enjoying nature at its finest (#StepOutOfYourComfortZone). After we had enjoyed the relaxing views from the mountain top, we boarded our train to Geneva 🎉. Mount Uetiberg.

Day 4: Good bye Switzerland!

On our final day, we decided to take in as much as the city as we could (both cities are not that big). We went to the United Nations building, the lake and then we wondered about town buying souvenirs and coffee…

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