Fashion Nova

My current obsession just has to be fashion nova. I believe anyone that has shopped on their site understands this. The first time I heard about them was earlier this year via a YouTuber. At first I wasn’t throughly impressed but I decided to visit the site anyway. Blueberry hill dress (all pictures taken from their  website) 

On visiting the site, I noticed that the models were very curvy, I thought it was just for advertisement and that the clothes were never going to fit the description or me. I decided to buy some anyway, just to test the hype. Best buy of my life! Majority, if not all their clothes are very stretchy and hug you in all the right places, if you know what I mean 😏😏😏😏. Grand gesture top & pants 

The quality of the clothes are also impressive. There is an international shipping cost of about £15, but I think it’s worth it, especially if you buy a lot of things…so what I do is add the things I like to my basket gradually till I have a considerable number of items that way I pay for shipping at once or you could split the shipping cost with a friend that’s also looking to buy. International shipping takes about 8 days from my experience  (6-10 according to the site).Khaleesi dress (my current fav!)

I have never had issues with their customer service although there was a time I had bought an item but it ran out of stock. They didn’t refund me for the item but they gave me a gift card (worth the price of the item) instead…seeing how much I love fashion nova, I personally didn’t have a problem with that. A woman’s worth sweater 

(My fashion nova haul is coming soon 😝😝)

So, if you are looking for figure flattering outfits that are easy to accessorise and are affordable, I highly recommend you check out … Thank me later 😘😘Wrap game set Saint Lucia dress

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